I'm your man if you need a fantasy map.

My name is Robert Altbauer and I'm a freelance cartographer and illustrator living in Salzburg, Austria. I'm a life long addict to science fiction, fantasy and alternate history, and became a cartographer some time ago, when I more or less rediscovered the fun of drawing - something I had done as a child and teenager, but nearly forgot during my school and university years.

I have created numerous maps for roleplaying game publishers and developers, PC and browser game companies, app developers, writers, RPG players and people who simply like to decorate their room with a fancy map. My work can also be seen in several successful Kickstarter projects.


Where has my work been featured?


WWW and TV

  • The Middle East TV series 'Omar', aired on MBC, features in the opening credits a map which I made and was then turned into a 3D work by the digital artist of the TV show.
  • An article on deviantART about fantasy maps.


Gallery Shows

Terra Incognita at the former SoHo Gallery for Digital Art, now ARTHOUSE.NYC

A gallery show with several fantasy maps by different cartographers, covering a wide range of styles and ideas.

Mapping New York at the former SoHo Gallery for Digital Art, now ARTHOUSE.NYC

A gallery show with many different maps of New York by various cartographers, covering a wide range of styles and ideas: real world, fantasy, sci-fi or apocalypse scenarios.


Art Collections

Several maps are available in the Map Room of the Cambridge University Library.

MAPPING AMERICA: EXPLORING THE CONTINENT by Fritz Kessler, published by Black Dog Publishing.

SURGE OF THE WINE-DARK SEA by Matt Finch, available as print or pdf (1,2).

Surge of the wine-dark sea cover


Client List

Riot Games


Frog God Games


Uhrwerk Verlag

Rogue Comet

Pure Steam RPG


Alephtar Games


Savage Mojo

Pantheon Press

Kat Ross, Author 

Robert J. Crane, novelist

Noblemaster Games

Stephen Lewis, novelist

Dolmen Creative

Victor Wendl, novelist

 77 Worlds

The Avalanche Project

Pippa K., novelist

Timandra Whitecastle, Novelist 

Mike Shelton, Author

Wendigo Publishing & Consulting

Katie M. Weiland, novelist


Flagship Fiction

Riftforge Online RPG

Spectre - An Epic Fantasy Short Film

Paul Leone, Novelist

Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance

Hyperbole Games

William Speir, Novelist

Tyche Books


Stefano Lanciotti, Writer

JF Garrard, Novelist


Ian Yamagata, Mark of the Remaker

Trial of Trails 

Tab Creations




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My site at deviantART

My IMDb entry 


Need an off the shelf map?

Some of the maps I sell are for table-top gaming in various genres. The retailers below offer some of my maps for purchase on their web sites.


DriveThru RPG

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