A vague idea - a concrete vision - an inventive cartographer. Three steps to a fantasy map.

I provide a large variety of different styles for fantasy maps: old style, satellite-view, atlas-style, vector, colour and b/w and I'm constantly working on new ways to create awesome maps. Also, there is no limit to the different kind of maps: world or regional, city or tactical maps, deck and floor plans.


Mainly two things affect the price of a map:

  • Style: A more elaborate and work-intensive style is more costly than a simple one, e.g. hand drawn/colour compared to simple black/white map.
  • Detail: A great amount of detail will also be taken into account, e.g. dozens of shields or flags for a map, or hundreds of labels.

These are the most important factors; others will for example be size (dimensions in cm/inches/pixels), usage rights (exclusive, non-exclusive,...) and deadline (is it very urgent?...).

If you need a commission give me all info which is necessary for me to give you an estimate of the quote, i.e. the before mentioned points, and simply use the e-mail address below for this. Write down the basics of the map as short as possible and as detailed as necessary, if possible with a simple sketch.

I base the price estimate on the effort that is usually necessary to produce the desired result - if you change things during the commission, add anything afterwards or want something else this may also affect the costs.

As result you receive a high-quality and unique map of your visions and ideas.


Every communication is done by e-mail. 

I do not use instant messaging (e.g Skype) because:
- I cannot track the information that was exchanged
- it is too inflexible (certain time, often different time zones)
- and it is - contrary to popular believe - too time consuming. When people get the chance they will talk...and talk...and talk. I simply don't have the time for that.

Terms and Conditions

As every commission is unique, the conditions are usually negotiated between me and the client.

If not another arrangement is made, then payment is made either by bank transfer within SEPA or per PayPal (net = client covers the fees) in non-SEPA, ~50% in advance, the rest after delivery of the final map.

The maps are delivered digitally, either by e-mail or by using a provided download link (Dropbox etc.), in any flattened (=no layers) file format. Delivery of working files is usually not included in the arrangement (you wouldn't ask a cook for his best recipes, too, right?).

I retain property of any produced piece of art until it has been completely paid. I retain the right to display my works in my portfolios (online or printed) if not explicitely stated otherwise.

In case of a intellectual property problem that arises from a commission the client is responsible to indemnify and hold me harmless (compensation for any subsequent disadvantage).

Any commission agreement shall be subject to and construed in accordance with Austrian Law. Court of jurisdiction is Salzburg, Austria.


Need an off the shelf map?

Some of the maps I sell are for table-top gaming in various genres. The retailers below offer some of my maps for purchase on their web sites.


DriveThru RPG

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