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I have created this portfolio with two intentions. First, to present you the best of my work and second, to display a wide range of styles. Sounds easy, but can be contradictory. What is considered best is often a matter of taste - I have drawn a lot of maps that I consider good, but not excellent, but people and clients were enthused. And I created maps I'm absolutely proud of, but it seems that only a few people share my enthusiasm about these pieces. Here will find fantasy maps - and others, like science fiction, alternate history or even pieces that are hard to put into any predifned categoriy - and some illustrations done mostly in a style similar to medieval drawings. As different as the art are the clients. Many of them are writers and RPG or board game publishers, often RPG game masters who want to give their group a cool piece of cartography. But I also did maps for weddings, computer games (League of Legends for example) and even TV productions.

The style of maps ranges from universes and etherical realms to worlds and continents, over to huge cities and to small villages and end at some dungeons or space ship decks. As different as those locations are, are the styles used for them. Most maps use a hand drawn style (yes, actually hand drawn; even if a graphic tablet and a PC is used; not to be confused with traditional art with pen and paper, although I do those, too, sometimes). But there are other maps that are more abstract and have clearly no reference to anything hand drawn - modern graphics show clearly in them. Many are colorful, some are black and white and a few greyscale. There is basically no limit as how to create a cartographic piece; I have done several hundred or more of them and still sometimes get inquiries about maps that make we wonder. Human imagination is a prolific beast.

Beside of all the maps you will find here, as mentioned above, also medieval style drawings. I'm a great lover of history, and had for a long time played with the idea to do some medieval styled drawings. To give them a special twist I combined some of them with another interest of mine - science fiction and horror literature. And so the first piece of 'The Crusades and Lovecraft's Monsters' was born, showing crusader knights that fight the abominations born in H. P. Lovecraft's mind. In the end I did eight pieces of them. The success was surprising. Several large blogs wrote articles about this series and made my work known to a large audience. They produced several commissions done in that style. One of them a whole table-top board game, Meisters and Monsters by Smarter Faster Games and a very cool tactical card game, Cthulhu Crusades, created by Alberto Cano.

And so, without further ado - ENJOY!

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