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Starfall Map

Starfall Map

This was done for a map challenge, the description of the setting:
„Once, when the ancient ones travelled the roads of heaven between the stars, a great malice came upon them and destroyed the wings of their grand ships. Seven of them landed here, on this desolated world, on which we wither in the darkness of our former glory. Will our starborn brothers and sisters find us, before this world dies and we with it?“
Create a representation of a half decayed, semiorganic Seedspaceship, that malfunctioned and crashlanded on a dreadfull desert planets over a thousand year ago. The breeding chambers of the Cult of the Starwomb, still giving birth to repeating but amnesiac humans of the original crew members, which make most of the population of this settlements. The Map requested shall show the travel stations of the „Hero“ from his work at the local scrapyards to the inner chamber of the Motherbrain of the ship. The ship itself is hovering with its antigrav field over the settlement, similar to a dome like structure and terraform the environment so that the population can survive. Also, the engines starts to fail and outer settlements were destroyed by the outer conditions. 
Please try to make this Map in a fantasy sytle, as if drawn by a local scholar, resembling rough 17th Century Maps, but with some uncanny and folkloric elements to it.

(Fictional Map Commission for a Novel „Starfall“)

Think of this city as the last remnant of a once great culture that has turned into a completely sick and disgusting society, a society that has reached the last stages of its existence (like Aztecs in space). As more and more systems on the starship began to fail, the already superstitious religious leaders turned completely mad and started human sacrifices to appease the Motherbrain. Now you have all sorts of human sacrifices every few days, from simply cutting to pieces alive to putting into the auxiliary digestive bioreactors of the ship (alive of course). A few people oppose this and one of them is our hero, Turmulak.
A little bit of Moebius and Giger in this map.

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