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The Continent of Noramerika

The Continent of Noramerika

This map of Noramerika shows the contient after the Kataklysm. The Empire of Texarado dominates the land, surrounded by smaller states. Knights Orders protect the northern frontier against infidel states - those who do not follow the Church of Redemptiv Unity, whose center is in the splendid city of Trinidad in the Church State.

Large parts of the land are still inaccesible - mutant beast and killer plants are not the worst, that can kill a visitor. Those who have faced a steel golem or seen a killer bird can call themselves lucky to have survived. Also strange and deadly illness happens when people stay to long in those forbidden area.

This map can also be found in the book Mapping America - Exploring the Continent on page 231. It was one of my first maps and the first to be published.

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